first project

dynamia tools offers you multiple functionalities to implement in your project, in the following example we will show how to make a simple form with dynamia tools

suppose we want to create a maintenance module where the technicians of an internet company can be categorized

  1. create the entity, we can create the entity using the SimpleEntity and BaseEntity classes
import jakarta.persistence.Entity;
import jakarta.persistence.Table;
import jakarta.validation.constraints.NotNull;
import tools.dynamia.commons.InstanceName;
import tools.dynamia.domain.Descriptor;
import tools.dynamia.domain.jpa.SimpleEntity;

@Table(name = "categorias")
public class CategoriaTecnico extends SimpleEntity {

    private String nombre;

    public String toString() {
        return nombre;

    public String getNombre() {
        return nombre;

    public void setNombre(String nombre) {
        this.nombre = nombre;

SimpleEntity and BaseEntity fulfill the same functionality, which is to automatically create fields such as id, remoteId. the difference is that BaseEntity generates more fields than SimpleEntity

2.create @Provider class to generate a crud module

import tools.dynamia.crud.CrudPage;
import tools.dynamia.integration.sterotypes.Provider;
import tools.dynamia.navigation.Module;
import tools.dynamia.navigation.ModuleProvider;

public class ModuloMantenimientoInstaller implements ModuleProvider {
    public Module getModule() {
        Module mod = new Module("mantenimientos", "Mantenimientos");//here the module is created
        mod.addPage(new CrudPage("CategoriaTecnico", "CategoriaTecnico", CategoriaTecnico.class));//here the crud page of our class is created
        return mod;

3.we generate the view in our yml file for our Entity class

view: crud
beanClass: "path of our Category class"