This interface offers us multiple date type operations

Date getCreationDate(); //Returns the creation date

Date getCreationTime(); //Returns the creation time

void setCreationDate(Date creationDate);  /* Sets the creation date. 
                                            Params: creationDate – the new creation date*/

void setCreationTime(Date creationTime); /* Sets the creation time. 
                                            Params: creationDate – the new creation time*/

String getCreator(); //Returns the creator

void setCreator(String creator); /* Sets the creator. 
                                    Params: creator – the new creator*/

Date getLastUpdate(); //Returns the last update

void setLastUpdate(Date lastUpdate); /*Sets the last update.
                                       Params: lastUpdate – the new last update*/

String getLastUpdater(); //Returns the last updater

void setLastUpdater(String lastUpdater); /*Sets the last updater.
                                           Params: lastUpdater – the new last updater*/

Simple Implementation